8. Troubleshooting

8.1. Wrong location of configuration file

If LDT loads sample configuration file instead of the configuration file in the user home folder, check if you have sphinx loaded in sys.modules. If you do, you can remove them with del sys.modules[“sphinx”]

The same will happen if “TRAVIS” or “TESTING_LDT” environment variables are present.

8.2. NLTK resources missing

NLTK has many resources, of which three are used by LDT: wordnet, stopwords, lemmatizer. Should they be missing, you can install them individually from within Python shell:

import nltk

or from command line:

python -m nltk.downloader wordnet

8.3. The neighbor extraction is too slow!

The speed of this process depends on whether your numpy package has access to the right linear algebra library - MKL, OpenBLAS or whatever is available for your system. With the OpenBLAS and 4 Ghz Core i7-6700K processor in Ubuntu we’re processing 900 words for 300K 500-dimensional embeddings in under three minutes.

If you do have the library, but the neighbor extraction is still slow, check if it is actually used by numpy. This can be done as follows:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> np.show_config()